“A New Beginning” – Must Read This Article Can Change Your Life (Rules of Success)

In life, we have only 3500 days (9 years and 6 months) for ourselves!

The World Bank has estimated the average age of a person as 78 years, according to which we have only 9 years and 6 months for ourselves. According to this estimate, an average of 29 years in sleep, 3-4 years in education, 10-12 years in employment, 9-10 years in entertainment, 15-18 years in other daily activities like eating, traveling, daily work, home are spent on work etc. In this way, we have only 3500 days or 84,000 hours to fulfill our dreams and do something.

“Time is the most valuable thing in the world”. But at present most of the people are leading a hopeless life and they are waiting that some miracle will happen in their life, which will change their gloomy life. Friends, that miracle will start from today and now and the person doing that miracle is yourself, because no other person can do that miracle except you.

For this beginning, we have to change our thinking and beliefs, because

“What happens to us is what we believe.”

Friends, according to scientists, bumblebee’s body is very heavy, so according to the rules of science, it cannot fly. But the bumblebee does not know this and believes that he can fly, so he can fly.

First of all, we have to change this misconception that what happens to us is what is written in Bhagya. Because if this were the case, today we would not be worshiping God, but we would have been giving baduas to him.

We are responsible for what happens to us, so being happy or not depends on us.

“God helps those who help themselves”

If a person thinks that whatever happens to us is not in our hands, then that person should either change this wrong belief or do not read this article further.

Rules of life :- Rules of life

We are going to make a new beginning and for this we have to follow some rules. These rules will change your life (Rules That can Change Your Life in Hindi) :-

Self Confidence :-

Confidence means “confidence and control in oneself” (Believe in Yourself) is from | Friends, having self-confidence in our life is as important as having fragrance in a flower, without self-confidence our life becomes like a living corpse. No matter how talented a person is, he cannot do anything without self-confidence. Confidence is the foundation of success, due to lack of self-confidence, a person doubts the work done by him. Self Confidence is with the person who is satisfied with himself and who has the wealth of values ​​like determination, hard work and dedication, fearless, commitment etc.

How To Increase Confidence:- How To Improve Self Confidence In – Hindi

  1. Believe in yourself, make smart goals and be committed to achieving them. When you accomplish the goals set by you, it increases your self-confidence manifold.
  2. Be Happy, Motivate Yourself, Don’t be sad about failure and learn from it because “Experience always comes from bad experience”
  3. Think positive, be humble and start the day with a good work (starting the day with a positive attitude).
  4. In this world Nothing is Impossible – Nothing is Impossible in this world, The biggest enemy of self-confidence is the “Fear of Failure” of failure to do any work and if fear has to be removed, then definitely do that work in which you are afraid. , Darr ke aage jeet hai
  5. Speak truth, be honest, don’t smoke, connect with nature, do good work, help the needy. Because such actions give you positive power, on the other hand wrong actions and bad habits drop our confidence.
  6. Do the work that interests you and try to improve your career (Career) in the direction that interests you.
  7. Live in the present, think positive, make good friends, make friends with children, do self-reflection.


Freedom means independent thinking and self-reliance.

“Dependency is the biggest enemy of our happiness and the reason for the decrease in happiness at present is the increase in dependence”

“What will people say about the biggest disease (Sabse bada rog kya kahenge log)” :- Most of the people think many times before doing any work that what people will think or say about them by doing that work and hence they are unable to take any decision and keep thinking and time like water from their hands. goes out. Such people regret later. So friends, do not think too much, do what you feel is right because there will hardly be any such work which will be liked by all the people together.

Control your own happiness:- At present, the happiness of most of the people is dependent on the circumstances. Such people become happy in favorable circumstances and sad in unfavorable situations. For example, if a person’s work is done, then he becomes happy and if the work is not done, then he becomes sad. Friends, be happy in every situation because the effort is in our hands but the result or the situation is not in our hands. Whatever the situation may be favorable or unfavourable, but its response should be good because it is in our hands to respond.

Be self-reliant:- Friends, dependence is the enemy of happiness, so as far as possible, reduce expectations from others, do your work yourself and adopt self-reliance, do not be unhappy with the actions or thoughts of others because the thoughts or actions of others are not under our control.

“If you become unhappy because of things or situations that are not in your control, then the result is a waste of time and future regrets”

Live in Present:-

Friends, we get 70,000 to 90000 thoughts in a day and our success and failure depend on the quality of these thoughts. According to scientists, 70% to 90% of the time of most people goes to thinking about the past, future and useless things. The past gives us experience and we have to plan for the future, but it does not mean that we should spend all our time in this. Friends, we should live in the present and make it the best because we have no control over neither the past nor the future.

“If you want to be happy and be successful then stop thinking about what we can’t control”

Hard work and focus:-

Friends, some scholar has said that success can be found only in the dictionary before hard work. Hard work does not mean only physical work, hard work can be done both physically and mentally. Experience says that mental effort is more valuable than physical effort.

Some people make the target very big but do not work hard and then keep changing their goals. Such people just keep on making plans.

With hard work and dedication, even the most difficult tasks become easy. If the goal is to be achieved, then the obstacles coming in the middle will have to be overcome, hard work will have to be done, and again and again you will have to try with determination.

“The only means of survival for unsuccessful people is that they change their goals when trouble strikes.”

There are some people who work hard, but once they fail, they leave the work in the middle after being disappointed, so along with hard work, it is very important to have dedication and determination.

“If a person is not able to succeed even after doing that work again and again, then it means that his way of doing work is wrong and he needs to do mental hard work.”


Wherever a tactful person goes, he fills the environment with happiness, such people are seen with respect to the society. Such people behave with humility and smile and are always ready to help. Manners are the best beauty, without which a person is limited to himself and society gives him the name of “selfish”.

“When the number of your friends starts increasing, then understand that you have learned the magic of tact.”

A courteous person may go to any field where he becomes his friend, who is ready to die if needed for him.

Character is the foundation of tact and a person without character can never become courteous. Character is the reflection of the individual and in the society the person is not recognized by the face but by the character. Character is formed by moral values, values, education and habits.

The biggest feature of tactful people is that they are always ready to help.

Conversational efficiency is an important part of tact. Speech has that power which can fill it with happiness by dissolving sweetness in the atmosphere or can ignite fire by putting a spark in it.

“Words can change the world”

Speaking thoughtfully, saying more in less words, not talking in vain, finding goodness, praising, listening and giving importance to others, being polite, accepting mistakes etc. are some basic rules of conversation.

There is so much power in these five rules that they will change your life and awaken the power to turn your dreams into reality. same thing in the end

“Help the needy because you know tomorrow you need someone’s help”

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