A disabled person guides BRO in clearing snow from Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway, know who he is?


Divyang person has been helping BRO in clearing snow for the last 24 years
No technique works to find a snow covered road

New Delhi. As soon as the winter season arrives, the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway is closed due to snowfall. When the snowfall stops, the Border Roads Organization (BRO) does the work of removing snow with the help of dozers and other equipment. But you will be surprised to hear that in this work, the guide to BRO is done by a local resident who can neither speak nor hear. Also the interesting thing is that he is not even educated. Despite this, BRT leads the team in clearing the snow. Let’s know who is that Divyang and why does BRO trust him?

Zojila Pass is the highest on the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway, which is 11650 feet above sea level. Snowfall starts here as soon as the winter season arrives and the entire highway gets covered with snow. The road connectivity from Leh Kargil to Srinagar gets cut off for some time. However, now this highway is closed for very few days as compared to earlier. Earlier, the highway used to remain closed for several months. Since it is a border area, this highway is very important from the point of view of security. BRO only builds and maintains the roads in the border areas. BRO does the work of snow removal as soon as the snowfall subsides. A disabled person helps in this.

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Anayatullah Khan drives a dozer to clear snow at Zojila Pass.

who is a disabled person

According to BRO, Zojila is Anayatullah Khan alias Tulla, a resident of Neelgarar village in nearby Ganderbal district, who is a dozer operator. He is disabled, can neither speak nor hear. To remove snowfall, the first dozer walks in the front with Anayatullah and BRO officers and employees walk behind him in the dozer. According to BRO, no technique works to find snow-covered roads in Zojila pass. In many places, up to 40-40 feet of snow accumulates, which is removed under the supervision of Anayatullah.

Because of this BRO trusts

According to BRO, Anayatullah is a local resident and grew up here, due to which he is well-acquainted with the entire area. He has very good knowledge of the geographical structure here. When the roads are completely covered with snow, it is not known where is the ditch and where is the road. But Anayatullah knows where the road is. Because of this he guides the team of BRO. The roadway is restored by successfully removing the snow.

Border Roads Organization, BRO, Zojila pass, dozer operator, snow clearance, opening of Zojila pass.

This is how the Srinagar-Kargil-Leh highway gets covered with snow during snowfall.

Doing this work for last 24 years

44-year-old Anayatullah is rich in extraordinary skills. He has been doing snow removal work continuously since 1996. Very knowledgeable about snow removal dorj. Because of this, BRO has full faith in him. He is unmarried and has six brothers and one sister.

have also received awards

Anayatullah has also received many awards for this work. According to BRO, in the year 2019, GOC in Sea Northern Command Commendation Card has been given. After this, DGBR Commendation Card was given in the year 2021. All the officers of BRO are familiar with him.

Now the highway remains closed for short days

According to BRO, earlier this highway used to be closed due to snowfall at the end of November and opened in mid-April. On an average, the highway remains closed for 135 days. But BRO has achieved extraordinary success this time. Snow removal work was started on 6 February 2022 and essential goods vehicles were opened on 19 March.

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