30+ Mysterious facts in hindi (2023) | Mysterious things of science that you would never have heard

Mysterious Facts In Hindi Welcome to the mysterious facts of technology, friends, our earth and galaxy are considered to be very mysterious, there are many such things in the world which we still do not know.

Apart from the human race, we are not alone in our galaxy, we have got the proof many times, but from having life in another world completely, such technical incidents happening on the earth which we have only felt. But find them completely, or don’t know.

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Similar technical mysterious facts of the worldMysterious Facts In Hindi) Today we are going to tell you about it, so let’s see the top 30+ mysterious things of science which we would never have heard.

Top 30+ Mysterious Facts In Hindi

1.Area 51 One of the strangest places in the world. Stories about flying saucers, and extraterrestrial beings are heavily associated with the area. Area 51 has been the center of attraction for many years because people feel Area 51 Placed to hide the presence of aliens. Area 51 It comes in the area of ​​US Air Force.

2. In 1950, Enrico Fermi, who built the first nuclear reactor, new Mexico I was having lunch in the canteen of the Los Alamos Bomb Lab when he suddenly asked “Where’s everybody?” All the people sitting there said that this is a sign of an alien.

3. 28 June 2022 On this day China Space Center In galaxy Got an unusual signal coming from China which shook the whole world along with China, but after a few days what happened is unknown that China had removed this news from all its social platforms and news channels.

4. Scientists have discovered such a planet in the Milky Way, which is completely made of diamond, the name of this planet 55 Cancri E

5. Scientists have found the source of water floating in the universe, this water is floating in the universe in large quantities in the form of steam, but then we have not found any evidence of water on any planet other than Earth.

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6. Astronauts grow about 2 inches taller while traveling in space, this is due to the absence of gravity in space.

7. Our Sun appears completely white from space and not red, saffron or yellow.

8. The number of stars in the universe is considered to be innumerable because till date no scientist has been able to find out the number of stars or the stars.

9. The footprints of our astronauts who went to the moon have been found so far and according to other studies, these footprints are going to remain like this for the next millions of years.

10. A star has been found in the universe whose surface temperature is always 27℃ remains, it has a much lower temperature than other planets. to this star WISE 1828+2650 Known by name.

11. According to a modification made by Russian scientists, in an experiment, when the crocrose was taken into space and the crocrose born in space were found to be much faster and stronger than the crocrose born on earth, it is not yet known why this happened. Is.

12. Stars, stones, satellites are scattered in all directions and places in our universe, but there is one such place in the universe where the place is found completely empty, that means, no satellite has been found here for billions of light years.

13. some of you black holes You must have heard about, Balck Hole is such a monster of the universe that can sweeten existence by destroying anything that comes in its gravitational circle, even today we have not been able to find out many things about Black Hole.

14. After every 15 years, the rings of Saturn are not visible from the Earth, although the rings of Saturn are visible to us through powerful telescopes, but there is a time when these rings appear completely missing.

15. Friends, whatever things are made today, they are made of items, only 5% of the whole world is made of items, but scientists have not been able to find out the material from which 95% is made.

16, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan No tech company here uses the number 4 on any of its products, because the number 4 represents the word ‘death’.

17. In the world’s largest desert, 8 similar Pattrence were seen in Sahara. Pattern Round Shape I was present but even today it is not known from where Pattrence came.

Mind-Blowing Facts About Technology

technology facts in hindi

18. Microsoft, Apple, Facebook And SpaceX The founders have one thing in common — they are all college dropouts.

19. all over the world bitcoin Coordinating Mining Operations 3.7 million Comparable to the computing power of supercomputers.

20. The creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is it a person or a group, it is not yet known that no one has seen its creator.

21. In the year 1936, the Water Integrator, a computer running on water, was made in Russia, the technology at that time was not so advanced, yet Russia had made such a computer, it becomes very surprising.

22. Google did some of his Android Version was named after the dessert because Android devices make people’s lives sweeter.

23. By the year 2022, 5.1 billion Internet users, and 4.5 billion of them access the Internet on their mobile phones.

24. Do you know that some of you would be fond of playing games?King’s FieldNia’s first PlayStation game.

25. In the world of Internet, Deep Web / Dark Web is a huge network of Internet which you cannot access with your Smartphone or Google.

26. Do you know that 92% of the total world’s global money stored in the world is stored in digital form.

27. most common computer passwords in the world “123456″ That’s why hackers easily hack your mobile, computer.

28. Do you know that any person can access any page on Wikipedia by creating an account. Edit And Modify/Upload Can do.

29.many of you often “Xerox” use the word when they want to photocopy something. But do you know Xerox is the name of a company called Xerox Holdings Corporation.

30. “Slovakian company” The Salt Company will be the first company in the world to launch a flying car in the year 2023-2024.

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So friends, here are some technology and related to the world. Mysterious, Amazing Facts In Hindi I hope that you must have got to know many new things from this information of ours and these things must have forced you to think.

Mysteries related to technology and science, May Hour will continue to bring interesting facts for you. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, please tell by commenting. Thank you.

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