25 villages will be evacuated, these 8 guests are coming from Namibia on PM Modi’s birthday

New Delhi The cheetah, which had disappeared from India’s soil about seven decades ago, is once again coming to the country’s soil with its agility and lightning speed. According to the agreement with the Government of India and Namibia, a team of cheetahs is going to land on Indian soil every day on the birthday of PM Modi on September 17. This information was given by Union Environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Bhupendra Yadav. The Union Minister had reached the Kuno National Park on Sunday to take stock of the preparations related to hosting the cheetahs.

5 females and 3 males in 8 cheetahs
The Union Minister said that cheetahs will leave Namibia on 16 September in a special cargo flight, which will reach Jaipur on 17 September. On the same day, these cheetahs will be brought to the Kuno National Park in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh through a helicopter. For this, a helipad has been specially made in Kuno. PM Modi will hand over these cheetahs to the country. A total of eight cheetahs are coming in this team, of which five are females and three are males. To bring them, a team from India has left for Namibia on Sunday. Dr. SP Yadav, Additional DG, Wildlife Department of the Ministry said that although they could have been brought in cargo, but PM Modi believed that these special guests should not face any problem in the journey, so they were brought by special plane. He is going.

Guests coming to India will be quarantined for thirty days
Preparations made for foreign guests Preparations for these cheetahs have been completed in Kuno National Park. After the arrival of the cheetahs, they will be kept in an enclosure and will be quarantined for thirty days.
During this, their behavior, health and adaptation will be fully monitored, how they adapt themselves to the environment here. After a month, these cheetahs will be released in a one square kilometer enclosure. After that, after about one and a half months, in the third phase, they will be left to roam freely in Kuno. He said that all the international standards are being followed regarding the maintenance, health, food and their adaptability to the cheetahs.

In view of the foreign guests, all the dogs in that area have been vaccinated. So that they do not face any kind of health-related challenge. The current area of ​​Kuno is in an area of ​​748 sq km. For this, the government has evacuated 25 villages. Out of these, 24 villages have been completely evacuated and the people living there have been rehabilitated. While rehabilitation work is going on for a village situated on the border of the park. The people living in the surrounding villages are not only being informed by the government, but they have also been given skill training.

Do this if you see a cheetah in human habitation
These people have been told that usually cheetahs do not have any conflict with humans, but if any cheetah is seen around the human habitation, then it has to be immediately reported to the forest department. On the other hand, if someone’s animal is harmed due to cheetah or it becomes their food, then it will be compensated by the government. Before sending the cheetahs to India, a team of wildlife experts from Namibia and South Africa have come to India and visited Kuno more than once and expressed satisfaction over the preparations. On the other hand, Bhupendra Yadav will say that apart from Namibia, South Africa is also going to have an agreement on cheetahs soon. The arrival of cheetahs under Project Cheetah will continue in India for the next five years. A budget of 91 crores has been kept for this five year plan, in which Indian Oil is giving financial support.


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