1K Or 1 M Means In Hindi | What do 1k and 1M mean?

1K Or 1 M Meaning in Hindi : Friends, you must have seen many times on social media that you get to see figures of 1K, 1M, 10M. You must have seen most of these figures on YouTube. But many of you do not know much about 1K and 1M. If you also do not have information about 1M, then you read this article till the end.

Initially, people used to watch songs and videos on YouTube. But talking about today’s time, people come here on YouTube to earn money. people besides youtube But also grow your business. Nowadays, followers are counted in 1k and 1M on social media.

1K Or 1 M Meaning in Hindi
1K Or 1 M Meaning in Hindi

What is youtube YouTube

1K Or 1 M Meaning in Hindi There will be hardly anyone among you who does not know about YouTube. For your information, let us tell you that this is a video sharing platform where people earn money by making videos. You can make any type of video here.

YouTube was launched in the year 2005. But it was bought by Google after a year in 2006. If people want to get information about anything, then they go to search on YouTube after Google. Here you can easily watch videos of any country.

What is the meaning of 1K,1M,1B in YouTube? YouTube Me 1K, 1M, 1B Ka Kya Matalb Hota Hai

You must have seen many times on YouTube channel. On many YouTube channels, K, MB are written on it. Where K means thousand, 1M million means lakh, B means billion crore.

1k = thousand
1M= 10 Lakh
1B = 10 crore

Now you must have got the information about 1K, 1M, 1B. But sometimes 350k is written on the video. What does it mean, then you can understand it in the following way.

350 views means 350×1000= 3,50,000. Due to the high number, it is written in short cut. So that you can understand easily.

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Followers on Social Media | Social Media Pr Follower

Just like the number of subscribers on YouTube is shown in 1K, 1M and 1B. In the same way, the number of followers on other social media platforms is also shown in this way. More followers on Facebook, Instagram etc. appear in K, M and B.

1K Or 1 M Meaning in Hindi [Video]


What does 1K mean?

It means thousand. Who has thousands.

What does 1M mean?

1M means 10 lakhs.

Can I get so many followers on social media and youtube?

Yes, if people like your content, then they will definitely follow you. For this your content should be unique and great. So that people will follow you more and more.


Friends, in today’s post we have told you 1K Or 1M Meanings in Hindi, What is the meaning of 1K and 1M it happens. Its information is given in this post. I hope you like this information. If you liked the article, then do share it with your friends.

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