100 companies have adopted 4 days work in a week, employees will get rest without salary cut in UK

100 companies have adopted 4 days work in a week, employees will get rest without salary cut in UK

Researchers from big universities like Oxford, Cambridge are working on the 4 Day Work Week campaign (File Photo)

Hundred companies in the UK have adopted a permanent four-day working week for their employees without deducting their wages. About 2,600 employees work in these 100 companies, but this 4-day work week campaign has raised hopes of bringing major changes in the country. Proponents of working 4 days a week say that the 5-day working week is a hangover from the previous economic situation. according to the guardian, he says that a four-day work week will increase productivity and get the same work done in fewer hours. Those who have adopted this policy in the past have found it helpful in attracting and retaining employees.

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Two of the largest firms among the 100 companies that have adopted the four-day working week are Atom Bank and global marketing company Awin, which has around 450 employees in the UK. He has reportedly got recognition from the 4 Day Week campaign. This means that they have proved that they have actually reduced the working hours for the staff and not offered to work the same number of hours in fewer days.

Speaking to The Guardian, Avin’s chief executive Adam Ross said the new approach was the biggest change in the campaign’s history.

In the past year and a half, we have not only seen an increase in employee well-being, but our customer service and relationships have also improved, Mr. Ross said. Along with this, talent relation and retention have also benefited.

Meanwhile, according to the outlet, the 4 Day Week campaign is running a campaign with 70 companies, employing 3,300 employees, to change the way work is done around the world. This trial is being done by researchers from the University of Cambridge and Oxford, Boston University and thinktank Autonomy.

When asked midway through the trial in September how it was going – 88 per cent of companies in the trial said the four-day working week was going “well” for their business and nearly 95 per cent Said that productivity has either remained the same or improved in the four-day work week.

Companies that have officially adopted the four-day work week are mostly service sector companies such as technology, events and marketing. But now some manufacturing and construction companies have also joined this campaign.

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